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Bobcaygeon Info Meeting – January 15, 2019

Thank you for a very positive response. Last night’s Habitat for Humanity Bobcaygeon info session drew a full house at Knox Presbyterian Church. For those who couldn’t make it, here are a few highlights based on the question period.

Who qualifies for homeownership?
Habitat for Humanity partners with families who are ready for the responsibility and challenges of homeownership. All applications are assessed according to uniform criteria. That criteria includes the family’s need for affordable housing, ability to pay back a no-interest mortgage, and willingness to partner with Habitat. Habitat for Humanity is open to all legal residents of Canada currently living or working in the region for at least 1 year. Each selected Partner Family will volunteer for a minimum of 500 hours of what Habitat calls ‘Sweat Equity’ which must be completed prior to moving into a Habitat home. Families will work on their own home and may work on the homes of others, in Habitat’s office, in one of the ReStore locations, or at fundraising events. Sweat Equity is an important way for future homeowners to demonstrate their commitment to homeownership and participation in the partnership with Habitat for Humanity.

How do the financials work for home owners?
After qualification, in addition to putting in their 500 hours of ‘Sweat Equity’, the Partner Family will purchase the home at market value from Habitat for Humanity with a 0% interest mortgage and no down payment. The Partner Family’s monthly mortgage payment is set at 25% of their gross income. Mortgage payments go into funding future Habitat homes.
Is the qualification process still open?
Interested applicants should submit a Habitat Expression of Interest form as soon as possible. Applications have been received for the Bobcaygeon build but the process is still open.

To learn more about homeownership or to apply for a home

Are there volunteer age limits?
You must at least 16 years of age to work on the build site. If you’re under 16, you can host your own event or become an ambassador for Habitat or work on one of the many other volunteer jobs. There is no age maximum.

Is there a monetary benefit to Bobcaygeon?
Yes. Former renters are now homeowners and taxpayers, contributing the community’s tax base. Through affordable homeownership, Partner Families can build enough financial stability to be able to buy more groceries and not have to go to the food bank. For some families, it means being able to afford having their kids play soccer or hockey, or their parents can afford to further their education and career prospects. According to a Boston Consulting Group report on the social impact of Habitat’s work, there is $175,000 of benefit given back to a community for every Habitat home built.

How can I contribute?
• Volunteering on a build site
• Making food for volunteers
• Volunteering time and skill on a Bobcaygeon-specific team (e.g., fundraising, public awareness, leadership and co-ordination)
• Dropping off home furnishings at a ReStore (be sure to let them know that credit for the drop off should go to the Bobcaygeon build)
• Making a financial donation
• Donating building materials (tools, flooring, electrical, lumber, windows, doors, furnaces, hot water tanks, etc.), or supplying them at cost-reduced prices
• Donating professional labour and services such as plumbing, electrical, drywall, roofing, HVAC or crane services to raise the roof of the home

How can businesses contribute?
Businesses are encouraged to partner with Habitat. Your business will:
• build a visible legacy of your commitment to strengthening your community
• receive unique employee team building experiences
• be able to take advantage of great brand recognition opportunities

Contact Christina Skuce, Director of Philanthropy & Communications, 705.750.1456 ext 208, christina@habitatpkr.ca

How are funds raised to support Habitat builds?
• Every gift makes a difference for generations to come
• 100% of every dollar donated will go to home building because administration and fundraising costs are completely covered by ReStores

• Homeowner mortgage payments go into a fund used for building more homes
• Volunteers are needed to help with community fundraising to offset the expense of materials, services, and land not provided through donations
• Charitable tax receipts are available for both cash and in-kind donations

How does ReStores Work? • ReStores are retail outlets that accept donations of new and gently used items that are then sold to the public at great prices and with no taxes
• ReStore accepts donations of everything from furniture, lighting, home décor, renovation materials, windows and doors, to bathtubs and entire kitchens as well as new, gently used, overstocked, and discounted items
• Locations to serve you: Lindsay, Peterborough, and soon (spring 2019) a second Peterborough location

Will the house style fit into my neighbourhood?
Yes, the new homes are considered an asset to neighbourhoods. Homes are often fitted for mobility concerns as well as for specific family requirements.
Want more information?
For more information about donating, or corporate partnership opportunities, contact Christina Skuce, Director of Philanthropy & Communications, Habitat for Humanity Peterborough & Kawartha Region, 705.750.1456 ext 208

For more information about volunteering, contact Brittany Price, Community Engagement Coordinator, 705.750.1456 ext 205. Email brittany@habitatpkr.ca

To learn more about volunteer opportunities

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