Our Approach

We partner with local families and individuals to help empower through shelter

We build safe, decent, and affordable homes in the Peterborough and Kawartha Region, in partnership with local families and individuals. Habitat homebuyers pay an affordable mortgage geared to their income and volunteer at least 500 hours with us.

With a little help, Habitat homeowners can build strength, stability, and self-reliance. Stable, affordable housing empowers families and individuals to overcome the barriers that so often stand between achieving a healthier, happier, and more financially secure life.

Habitat home Guiding Principles


Habitat homes are modestly sized. They are large enough for the homeowner family or individual’s needs, but small enough to keep construction and maintenance costs affordable.

We use quality, locally available building materials. Habitat homes are designed to reflect the local community and culture.


Habitat homes are sold to families and individuals, not given to them free of charge.

Habitat partner families and individuals purchase their homes at appraised Fair Market Value with no down payment. Monthly mortgage payments are geared to income and set at no more than 30% of a homeowner's gross income. Each year, we assess a homeowner's income. Mortgages are held by us and payments go into a revolving fund, which is used to build more homes for more families and individuals.


We build durable, healthy and sustainable houses at the lowest possible cost. Sustainable ― or ‘green’ ― building means designing and constructing houses that are efficient and durable, that use less resources and are healthy to live in.

Our goals are to reduce the home’s monthly and life cycle costs and increase efficiency and durability while providing healthy environments. We build sustainably to take better care of our environment, our homeowners, and our volunteers.