Meet Jennifer & Anisa – Leahy’s Lane Phase 2

Posted: 18-Apr-2023

“Home means safety, security, and a place to rest. It means a return to peace & love.”

The struggle of finding a safe and stable place to live is a reality for many families, including Jennifer, a hard-working mother, and her daughter Anisa. They currently live in an apartment with a leaking bathroom ceiling, poor insulation leaving Anisa’s room colder than the rest of the place, and thin walls causing noise disturbance from next-door neighbors. On top of that, the apartment has no storage for Anisa’s medical equipment and supplies.

Jennifer and Anisa have had to move multiple times in the past few years due to landlords wanting to sell their property or to make space for their own family members. It seemed that each time Jennifer and Anisa moved to a new home, their space got smaller and more expensive, which unfortunately was beyond their control. The constant moving from one home to another has taken a toll on their emotional and physical well-being, especially for Anisa, who needs to heal and recover after her medical procedures.

I want the security of knowing that I don’t have to move again without it being my choice. I want to provide a safe, healing, consistent home for my daughter,” says Jennifer.

Jennifer learned about Habitat’s affordable homeownership program through community advertisements and was encouraged by a friend to apply. In December of 2022, on the date of her late brother’s birthday, Jennifer received the amazing news that she and Anisa are approved to be homeowners in the upcoming 12-unit condo development in the City of Peterborough.

To have a home that is ‘ours’, to not be at the mercy and whim of another landlord, will allow for a sense of security & consistency and be the home we go to at the end of the day,” says Jennifer.

Habitat homeowners are partners of Habitat for Humanity Peterborough & Kawartha Region. Through completing their 500 volunteer hours, they contribute to the organization’s mission of providing more families a hand-up into affordable homeownership. Jennifer and Anisa are currently completing their hours at the Habitat ReStore, and have also spent some time sharing their story, inspiring Habitat PKR employees at their annual staff training.

Outside of work & school, Jennifer and Anisa enjoy hanging out and spending time with their extended family. Jennifer likes to go to the gym and crochet, while Anisa is involved in competitive dancing.

When asked what the first thing they will do when they move into their new home, Jennifer says, “Cry. Laugh. Smudge our home and give thanks to all the people who made this opportunity possible. Bless the home, sit and be overwhelmed, and invite my family over to help unload our new home!”

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