Meet Sabrina – Peterborough Homeowner

Posted: 09-Jul-2019

After being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a type of cancer, Sabrina struggled physically, emotionally and financially to provide a decent home for her family. Medical expenses and loss of income during treatment meant they had to leave their comfortable rented house and move into a tiny, old apartment that was difficult (and costly) to heat.

Thankfully, Sabrina’s treatment was successful, and she was able to focus on completing a program in massage therapy, with the hope that a new career would help her family thrive again. Then, Sabrina’s partner died unexpectedly. Now, Sabrina faced the added challenge of providing a good home for her daughter as a single parent.

Madison, Sabrina’s daughter, was diagnosed with ADHD and had no place to play and burn off her extra energy, and this affected her schoolwork.

Sabrina managed to complete her schooling and began work as a massage therapist, but the chemo had taken such a toll on her body, that she struggled to make it through the long days of physical exertion. She was exhausted and stressed. Worst of all, she says, “I felt I was failing my daughter.”

A friend suggested Sabrina contact her local Habitat for Humanity, and almost immediately Sabrina was approved to become a Habitat homeowner. After completing the mandatory 500 volunteer hours, Sabrina and Madison moved into their new Habitat home.

A geared to income Habitat mortgage, helps Sabrina afford the monthly mortgage payments for her home. The increased financial stability and security have also enabled her to retrain to become a health care administrator – a related profession that offers better opportunities and is not so physically demanding.

Madison is now much happier and healthier.

“Habitat has given us a clean start,” Sabrina says. “We are very grateful to everyone who helped Habitat help us.”