National Housing Day 2022

Posted: 18-Nov-2022

Habitat for Humanity Canada has released a national survey revealing Canadians’ attitudes towards the affordable housing crisis in Canada and sheds light on the growing barriers to homeownership.

The Affordable Housing in Canada Survey by Habitat for Humanity Canada finds affordable housing is a top concern for Canadians – the third most important issue facing the country today behind inflation and healthcare.

The majority of Canadians believe that more affordable housing could solve the social issues we’re currently facing as a country and that owning a home can create more stability in your life.

  • Most Canadians (87%) agree that owning a home can create more stability in your life.
  • Three-quarters of Canadians (75%) believe that more affordable housing could solve the social issues we’re currently facing as a country.

As the cost of living and housing across Canada continues to rapidly increase, Canadians are being priced out of the market and housing options in their own communities.

  • Four-in-five Canadians (78%) are worried about having to spend less on food, savings, transportation costs, and/or debt payments to continue to afford their current housing – whether they are homeowners or renters.
  • Three-quarters of Canadians (74%) feel that homes in their area are unaffordable and half of Canadians (54%) are worried about affording a home in their community.
  • Around two-in-five Canadians (37%) would likely relocate to a different community to find affordable housing and one in ten (11%) say they’d be very likely to do so.

NIMBY (Not in My Backyard) sentiment is seen by Canadians as a significant barrier to affordable housing in Canada, with the majority of Canadians believing people worry affordable housing will impact their property values and neighbourhood.

  • Half of Canadians (54%) feel that NIMBY sentiment is one of the main barriers to allowing for affordable housing in neighbourhoods, while three in five (63%) feel that the government needs to do more to stop NIMBYism from delaying affordable housing.
  • 71% of Canadians agree with the statement that ‘people worry about the impact of affordable housing on their property values and neighbourhood’.
  • 37% of Canadians believe there is substantial opposition to affordable housing in their community.

As a leading provider of affordable housing in Canada, Habitat for Humanity is on the frontlines of the housing crisis, advocating for safe, decent, and affordable places to call home for Canadians across the housing continuum.

Habitat for Humanity Canada advocates for:

  • Increasing housing supply through more assertive municipal affordable housing policies.
  • Decision-making on new housing at the local and provincial levels are driven by the requirements of those who need it, not by those who already have it.
  • Investing in solutions to improve access to affordable housing at all points of the housing continuum.
  • Connecting affordable housing and infrastructure investments to improve access to services and employment will lead to stronger communities.
  • Increasing opportunities for those living with low income to access affordable homeownership.

This is a crisis that will only get worse unless everyone – non-profits, corporations, individuals, and governments – works together to create sustainable housing solutions across the housing continuum.

On National Housing Day, November 22, 2022, join us as we call on local, provincial, and federal decision-makers to implement solutions that will lead to affordability for all.

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