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Our Impact

building a foundation for healthier families and communities

Caught in punishing cycles of unpredictable rent increases, overcrowded conditions, or lack of access to affordable financing, many families and individuals in our community live with the constant burden of uncertainty, stress and fear. That’s why we partner with working, families and individuals, to help them build strength, stability and independence through affordable homeownership.

Habitat homeownership provides families and individuals with more than just equity – it gives them a renewed sense of pride and responsibility. The impact is immediate, and the effects are lasting. Research has shown that Habitat homeowners are happier, healthier and more financially stable, which can allow them to return to school, learn a new trade or upgrade their job skills. Meanwhile, their children are more confident and do better in school.

The benefits of a Habitat home reach far beyond the four walls of their home. Through reduced reliance on social housing and food banks, better education and employment outcomes, and improved health, every Habitat home built helps create $175,000 worth of benefits for the local community.

Every $1 invested in a Habitat for Humanity build produces $4 worth of social benefit.


of children attained a bachelor degree or more vs. 8% control group.


of families were in social housing before Habitat.


of families are now physically active vs. 1% national average.


reduction in food bank usage for Habitat families.

Habitat Canada

Impact Info

Impact Infographic (PDF)

Impact Infographic (PDF)

Impact Infographic (PDF)

Parents Olivia & Paul standing together with their two young children. They are all standing in front of a large shrub in front of a brick house.

Meet Olivia & Paul – Leahy’s Lane

“My husband and I have always wanted to be homeowners. It has been a lifelong dream for the both of us,” says Olivia. “But we always thought and believed that…

Mother Jody is standing in between her two daughters. The three women are standing outside in front of a lush green tree.

Meet Jody – Leahy’s Lane

Being a single mom of two young adults with special needs has been the most challenging yet rewarding experience,” says Jody. “Life has knocked us down on more than one…

A young family, standing together smiling at the camera. Mother Sara has her arms around their young baby. Father Michael stands behind them.

Meet Sara & Michael – Leahy’s Lane

I was so worried about how my family would ever find somewhere to live all together, given how difficult it is to find affordable housing in Peterborough,” says Sara. Sara…

Two young women and father Deneil are all wearing christmas clothing and standing in front of a christmas tree, smiling.

Meet Deneil – Leahy’s Lane

“There is pride in ownership – I know it’s cliché – but it’s the truth.”  Deneil is looking forward to the sense of security that comes from homeownership. He and…

Yun-Fan & Taylor are standing outside on a snowy winter day. Both are wearing touques and winter coats and embracing each other, smiling.

Meet Yun-Fan & Taylor – Leahy’s Lane

It’s every renter’s nightmare. Living in a small apartment with mold growing behind the walls, ceiling, and under the sink. A landlord that does not keep up on necessary repairs….

Habitat Canada

Impact Reports

Transforming Lives: The Social Return on Habitat's Work in Canada

The Boston Consulting Group conducted a study to provide a quantitative assessment of our social return on investment. Their assessment of our model of affordable homeownership found that every Habitat home generates $175,000 worth of benefits to society. In Canada, our affordable homeownership program has created a social return on investment of over $590 million since we started in 1985.

Building Families’ Futures and Opportunities Through Habitat Homeownership

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation conducted a Canada-wide survey of Habitat families. After purchasing a home through us, these families reported improved health, happiness, and overall well-being.